It's time to delegate childcare

Virtual babysitting is here

As always Babysitters In a Pinch is always trying to think of ways to help our parents with childcare we are now introducing our virtual babysitting program. We are in a time that doing everything with everyone under one roof is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. When you have to have someone entertain the kids while your focus needs to be elsewhere we are here to help. We are offering babysitting in 1 hour increments through zoom. We can also help with school assignments too.

Here is a taste of what we will bring to virtual babysitting:

  • As always qualified babysitters that are educated and dedicated to your children.
  • A variety of activities that will keep your kids happy, engaged, and excited to have us.
  • Friendly and loving care.
  • Social distancing that will be fun and well thought out.
  • Online activities that will be supervised by the babysitter.
  • Time that your children will look forward to because it will be so fun.

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