The Parents' Back-to-school Guide for 2020

Getting ready for Back-to-school 2020 You’ve been through the back-to-school grind before, but never for a school year quite like this. In many parts of the country, the fall semester (and maybe more) of the 2020 school year will be fully or partially online. Whether your little one will head into the school a few days a week or will take all their classes at home, they’ll probably need a different set of supplies this year. 

Here’s a look at how you can prep for this unusual school year.

 1. Making a Back-to-school Plan

Going in with a solid game plan will make it less stressful for you and your kids. 

  • Talk to your child’s school to understand their plan for the year.
  • If your child struggled with online classes in the spring, ask for resources to help them make sense of it.
  • If you have to work during days they’re at home, consider hiring a babysitter to make sure they’re safe and on task
  • Ask their teacher if there are any online educational resources they should check out before school starts to get back on track. 

2. Getting School Supplies

Your little one will need good tech and dedicated office space to get to work at home. 

  • There are many low-priced laptops with enough power to handle your child’s school load.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi connection can handle your needs, especially if you are also working from home.
  • Discourage them from working on their bed, which can cause sleep issues.
  • Pick up a desk that they can use to join classes and knock out course work.


3. Helping Them Adjust from summer to school schedules

This is a whole new kind of learning - they may need help. 

 This will be a strange year for students, parents, and teachers alike. However, your family can tackle it with the right supplies and a can-do attitude. By taking a proactive approach and accepting that it’s going to take some adjustments, you’ll set your child up for success.

 Photo Credit: Reshot