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Oct 18. 2019

5 Next Best Things in Parenting

Look, I'm not an expert and I'm not going to present myself as such. Parents are bombarded every day with "expert" ...

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author: Jaidene Anderlini

Sep 06. 2019

Ask Me Anything: 5 Answers to your Questions about babysitters

Every parent wonders about babysitters, and what they do with their children while they're gone. ...

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author: Jaidene Anderlini

Jul 19. 2019

Parenting Activity Ideas for Dad

As I follow blogs, things to do with children, activities, etc there seems to be a disconnect. The majority of activities are targeted towards women and their children (notice ...

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author: Jaidene Anderlini

May 03. 2019

Children, money and competition

In my lifetime I've seen so much change in the way money is viewed by children, as well as competition shared within adult and child minds. I ...

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author: Jaidene Anderlini

Jan 18. 2019

Fashion sense... do you let your children tell you what to wear?

Once upon a time when I was working retail and selling women's clothing I heard them say more times then I can count that they couldn't possibly ...

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author: Jaidene Anderlini