It's ok to be sick of your kids

Look, you've been pinned up at home working, spouses have been doing the same plus the kids are at home too. This is a blessing because you've been able to spend a lot of time with each other but it is a curse because you've been able to spend a lot of time with each other. 

We all see the heartwarming videos on Facebook, Youtube, TV and we are having some great time creating ways to enjoy life and opening doors as a family we have never even tried to open before. So many memories are being created and your family is part of history. BUT and this is a big but, can you gtired parents need a break!o to the bathroom alone, can you be intimate with your spouse, can you fight with your spouse, could the kids please just handle things on their own, do you have to schedule ONE MORE THING, do you have to plan every single meal every single day!? Then on top of all of that the kids are arguing, they seem to need constant entertainment, your spouse is reading in a corner somewhere or doing something else that isn't helpful (and you're wondering; seriously you can't hear the kids arguing in the other room), and your boss needs you to meet a deadline by tomorrow morning. Then your house is never, ever, EVER peaceful and all you want to do is hear nothing, absolutely nothing and you feel guilty that you're sick of all this "wonderful family time".

Let's face it your work kind of gave you the grown up break you needed but now you are at home with work responsibilities and family responsibilities! So yeah, it's 100% okay 100% to be sick of your kids, your job, your spouse, your house. When we are stuck somewhere it can become a prison.

Take these easy steps to bring love of life back to your home and your family:

6 easy suggestions to create Routines and space for you and your family: You're aren't alone all parents loose it when kids scream

  1. Work spaces should be a space that are only for work, no kids, no spouses etc. That way when you go there to work everyone knows why you're there and know not to disturb you.
  2. Make a daily routine and stick to it. This will set up the family the way it used to be and they become familiar with how the day is supposed to go and what is expected from each family member. This will assist in eliminating some chaos (not all but some and some is better than none right?)
  3. Do at home workouts and if you don't do it don't stress it. Workouts can really create a mind space for you and the kids so please include them in your workout whether it is yoga, running, whatever your workout of choice is. If it is running the older kids may really like to go with you.
  4. Please let the kids help you cook and meal plan and then go grocery shopping with you (if they are old enough). Heck, you can even split the grocery list and let kids get the items on their own so they begin to understand that grocery shopping isn't easy.
  5. Make sure there is a bedtime. Even if bedtime isn't necessarily going to sleep but it is time for the entire family to take time for themselves and separate into bedrooms, beds etc. Bedtimes are so important because then you get the YOU time that you and your spouse needs. Even if it means you go to your separate corners to read or watch TV. Don't make this time a time for planning the next day or week or month. This is the time to breath out the whole day that you just had.
  6. Meditate. Everyone says it no one does it but the science says it's important.

"We're in this together" is such a wonderful sentiment but sometimes it feels like you're in this alone, and to feel this way is absolutely okay. Feel that way. Don't wallow and then get going. It will change, and our lives may never be the same but we need to take steps to give ourselves the flexibility and mindset to be comfortable with what is now. You can do it!