Babysitting in your home 

How to allow a babysitter into your home safely

When childcare is harder and harder to get due to daycare closures, nannies going home and or quitting due to their own fear of the Covid-19 we need to think differently on how we secure childcare.   The thing about having a babysitter in your home you need to remember that YOU ARE IN CONTROL of the cleanliness and what you want in regards to the Coronavirus. You give that control away when you put your children into daycare or camps you are relying on others to adhere to the guidelines you think are important and they may not be as consistent as you like.

6 Steps to allowing babysitters into your home:

  • Take the babysitters temperature upon arrival OR have them take their own temperature and let you know what it is before they arrive.
  • Have masks readily available for babysitters.
  • Have them wash their hands immediately upon entering your home.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions in regards to their health and where they've been and if they've been out and about without a mask, or been exposed to the virus.
  • Reach out to your childcare provider whether it is an agency or you work with them directly and let them know what you require for them to come into your home.
  • Remember, you aren't rude when you require things you didn't require before the epidemic. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of your family and that is all that matters.

Life is scary right now and we all need to evaluate risk to profit. If you and your spouse are surviving without a break then it is a no brainer you don't need a babysitter in your home. But if you are at your wits end like a lot of us are, and your kids need more variety and a different energy then you have right now the profit of getting a babysitter may outweigh the risk to getting a babysitter.

We are encountering a time where we need to think outside of the normal to get our needs met from childcare, to date nights, education, and work. There will be a lot of trial and error but self-care is as important as your childcare and sometimes the two are the same.

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