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Listen you will never find another child care agency that is like Love Certified Child Care anywhere. I'm not just saying that because I am the Founder of this very unique child care agency. Love Certified is very small with fewer than 15 child care professionals as our team. The Founder, me, Jaidene Anderlini, is committed to children, families, and their well-being more than anything else. I will do everything I possibly can to recruit child care professionals that are special, with a desire to really be with children and one of the key ways I do this I spend an hour or more with each and every candidate that I interview. I get them talking about their upbringing, why they like children, what challenges them when working with children, and specific questions about CPR and First Aid. I make sure that the candidates I interview have some college and at least 2 years of experience with children. 

When a family requests child care it is me, that receives the request directly and I am the one that places the child care professional into your home. All families are able to reach me in person either by text or phone call and it is me that answers all questions. I will do everything to make sure that all of my families have the child care that they need even if it means that I personally go and give the child care that a family needs.

These little yet big differences are what makes Love Certified Unique, special, and very invested in making sure your family is covered from date-nights to permanent placement. We want to help your family with our expertise. I even offer consultation to help you find the right person for your family.

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Love Certified Child Care provides babysitting and permanent nanny placement to residences or visiting families in the Denver area including Washington Park, Aurora, Cherry Creek, Central Park, Park Hill, City Park, Arvada, Westminster, Parker and Centennial areas.
1) We specialize in placing fully vetted babysitters to your home for ongoing needs, date nights, and or on-call basis.
2) We provide easy payment abilities to our families through online invoicing and payments and charging saved credit cards on file. We pay the babysitter. No more having to stop at the ATM or writing checks.
3) Our memberships provide families the extra help needed to take care of their children and their home life. From prepping school lunches to doing laundry we want to help you. Memberships are offered on a monthly basis.
We believe in giving back to our community in the Denver area, and volunteerism is strongly recommended to our babysitters to participate in. The company hosts activities for homeless families in the Denver area.
We pay all of our child care professionals according to industry averages in Denver, CO.
We are passionate about providing the best child care to your family, and we work hard to gain and maintain your trust. Find us on Yelp and follow our blog at

I believe that there is nothing more important than providing, loving, kind, engaged child care to parents and their children. Parenting is stressful, and I want to do everything I can to alleviate that stress.

Jaidene Anderlini Love Certified, Founder

Jaidene Anderlini, Founder of Love Certified Child Care