Every time you schedule a babysitter With our Nanny-in-a-bottle membership you get a professional

We do More than just babysit

When you schedule a block of time with one of our babysitters not only do you get babysitting BUT you also can expect:

  • Help the kids to clean their rooms.
  • Pack School lunches for the following day.
  • Kitchen Cleaning Assistance (time permitting our concentration is always on the children)
  • A completed load of laundry.
  • Keep the kids on task for assigned chores.
  • Feeding the kids.
  • Transportation to or from school(depending on morning, afternoon OR all day schedules) included with babysitting (does not include transportation to extracurricular activities).

When times are tough, and your stressed it is time you expect more from your babysitter then just entertaining the kids when you're gone.

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