7 Practical Ways New Dad Can Make a Difference In the Family Home

New fathers may find it challenging to adapt to parenthood. Many new dads lack the intuition to prepare for this new reality. Even with prior preparedness, it may prove to be a challenging yet crucial growth opportunity.

The following tips will be of help as you move into fatherhood. Keep in mind that it is okay to have parental questions. Like anything new you made need help, and parenting is ongoing for the life of your children even when they're 30, believe it or not.

7 Practical Ways New Dads Can Make A Positive Influence In The Family Home

1. Change your mindset

Internalize the fact that your life will be different onwards. Your mindset needs to match the aspiration that you are a dad, and new beings are sorely dependent on you going forth. Think more of the future and how to make use of it.

Reflecting on your old norm, the spare time you had, how different life was before will deter you from adopting this new change.

2. Be Part Of It From The Beginning

Keeping away from  baby duties will give your partner a rough time and deprive you of bonding with the new family. Be a part of this as early as possible.

Remembering where all the baby stuff is located will always be important. For example, if you need to change baby suddenly, then knowing where a spare diaper, baby wipe dispenser and change of clothes will come in handy. With that simple knowledge you'll look like a pro to both partner and friends!

You can prepare for other activities with your baby too. For instance, holding and soothing the baby when they cry. Be creative by singing, dancing, or activities to intrigue the baby. Remember even if you sing AC/DC Back in Black will be comforting because it is your voice (just be careful not to put scream in it). You create a relationship and a bond with your family and the youngling.

3. Show compassion

You may experience different levels of sexual and intimacy desire between you and your partner post-pregnancy. Intimacy before pregnancy is normal and often recommended. However, birth and parenthood will likely cause a decline in your partner's desire for sex. on the other hand, men may find it challenging to cope with less intimacy.

Always remember to prioritize the family and provide the right emotional response. Their needs should come first. Your partner's body will need time to heal and get back to a normal ground after childbirth and pregnancy changes. Her sexual desires will return, and remember there is nothing more of a turn-on than a partner that gives a kind word, and steps up by changing, getting up with, and bathing baby. Women find that incredibly sexy.

4. Do Not Give Up

Fatherhood comes along with new roles and responsibilities around your home. It's your mandate as a father to use this opportunity to learn more about yourself and your infant.

Babies will rely on their mothers more at this time, especially as they breastfeed. Keep yourself occupied by doing other things instead:

  • · Cleaning, ironing, and folding the family's clothes
  • · Do important repairs around the house
  • · Change blankets and sheets on the crib
  • · Sing to the baby
  • Hold the baby frequently
  • Spend time with the little one as much as mom does
  • · Taking part in other productive activities like tummy time, mirror time, etc. 

5. Request for assistance

Some dads find it odd to inquire about help. Never be embarrassed or feel low in approaching someone capable of offering you help or providing insight on important questions. Such tips ease your work and make parenting enjoyable.

Talk to other experienced people and fatherly figures close to you for insights.

6. Take a Break From Your Social Life

Dedicate much of your free time to your new family. You will be more available to provide protection and be of much help to your partner.

Take a break from friends and social activities. Dedicate this time to your home. The ones who genuinely love you should be supportive. You will gain much compared to what you will be missing out there.

7. Don't drift from your partner

Parenthood may bring about a lot of changes in your and your partner's relationship. This new normal shouldn't make you lose an older version of yourself. The romantic and fun activities you both shared.

Give gifts, surprises, run a bath for your partner or massage them to relaxation. This way, they feel appreciated and loved. Find time to reflect on little things you appreciate about your spouse and your relationship as a whole.

Keeping an open mind and working together in partnership is key to having the right mindset to becoming a fully-fledged dad. Creating a positive influence in the family home always lightens the mood at home. You will find your family cherishing all the moments you share together.

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